Permanent Account Number, the expanded form of acronym PAN, is an instrument of identifying the taxpaying entities in the country. It is a specific unique number which is assigned to every taxpayer and no two people can have the same PAN number. Being unique for every individual, a PAN card is also used as an ID proof. After the application of a PAN card, the applicant wants to know the status of the PAN. Moreover, given the criticality of the PAN card as a tax paying identification, it is important to know the status of a PAN card. There are various FAQs related to the checking of PAN card status. Some of them are answered as follows:

  • How to check PAN card status by name and date of birth?

To check the PAN card tracking by name and date of birth, one has to fill the necessary details in the form generated after opening the link of checking the status. A captcha code is to be entered and finally the form is submitted. After this simple procedure, one can know the PAN card application status by name and date of birth.

  • How to track PAN card status by name and date of birth?

Just by filling your name and surname (the middle name is optional) and your date of birth, you can track your PAN card status. Now with the availability of online mechanism, it is all easier to know the UTI PAN Card status by name and date of birth.

  • Is it possible to know the PAN Card status UTI by name and date of birth?

The Income Tax department has made it possible for the PAN holders to check the status of their PAN cards by entering simply their name and date of birth. If one has applied for a PAN card through the UTI PAN Card centre and wants to check the status, there is defined procedure to find out the exact status.

Apart from name and date of birth, the status of PAN can also be checked by PAN number, Online, through NSDL or UTI.

There are various reasons as for why is it needed to check the status of the PAN card. Some of the reasons can be mentioned as given below:

  • When the information printed on the card is different from the original information, the user needs to apply for a new card. In such a case, the applicant needs to know the status of the newly applied PAN card.
  • One may have lost or misplaced the PAN card and has applied for a new card.
  • The user may have changed its jurisdiction.
  • Any other reason.

In all of the above or other cases, checking the status of the PAN card is a very easy task, given the convenient processes at the disposal of user. After filling a few necessary details and making a few clicks, one can easily track its PAN card.

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